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Our Courses for Parents, Children and Teens

Parenting Age 1 to 6  Wobblers, Toddlers & early school age, learn best ways to encourage development and bonding ...more Info:   

Parenting Age 6 to 12 Growing up, the pre-teens, coping with school and helping children to behave well and be confident.. more info:

Parenting Teenagers Learn easy ways to get through this challenging stage of your parenting journey ... more Info:
  10 Step Resilience Workshop
A programme for parents/young people to provide practical skills to build their resilience and tools to manage everyday stress
...more info:
Antenatal Classes
The final weeks of pregnancy, labour and delivery & early care for your newborn baby... more Info:

Parenting After Separation or Divorce Help your child during & after separation, co-parenting, key parenting skills & parenting plans more..

Preparing for Parenthood Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life! Our coach will call to your home....More Info: 

  Pass Literacy On Designed to simply teach the brain effective skills to overcome the symptoms of learning difficulties, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dispraxia...more info

Private Parent Coaching We have a range of parent coaching sessions, contact us for more details More Info...

Personal Development for Teenagers Teenagers learn how to achieve, be confident, communicate assertively and more... More Info:

Interested in holding a talk or course in your school, club or community group? We have a range of choices -More..

  Coping With Life's Pressures
A programme for parents to help with their children’s anxiety, bullying, stress, self-harm, self-esteem, exams stress or peer pressure. more info


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Parenting - The Most Important Job You'll Ever Do!

As a parent you want the best for you child, whatever their age. A parenting course can help you have a better relationship with your child or teen, manage misbehaviour and other problems. They can also teach you skills to help your child succeed at school, build their self esteem and feel emotionally secure. You can also help your child/teen to learn to take responsibility and deal with issues such as sibling rivalry. All done in a positive way to help you to be the best parent you can be!

Antenatal & New Baby Courses

Having a baby can be a very exciting time in your life. Starting out as new parents can bring it's concerns. Will we be able to cope? How will it affect our relationship? These are questions many new parents have regarding the birth of their child. Our Antenatal classes prepare you for the birth of your baby and what to expect in the initial stages.

Our new "Baby's first year" course will guide you through the stages of your baby's first year. You will learn about the physical care and also about how your baby will develop and what to expect with each month that passes.

Personal Development Courses

Our personal development courses are run for teenagers starting out in life. They are also run for adults who wish to learn skills to build confidence and self esteem. Learn how to take control of negative thinking and give yourself peace of mind. Understand how to set goals, achieve in any area of your life, sports, exams, interviews etc. Developed by a qualified psychologist, this course will be of great benefit to all.

Parenting After Separation

Following separation a parent is faced with additional challenges and stress. Our parenting after separation course will teach you basic parenting skills, notes on what your child can be experiencing, and tips for parenting and relating to the other parent during this time.