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 Preparing for Parenthood - Caring for your newborn baby (private sessions)

New Baby Care


You’ve done the ante-natal course, you’re well prepared for the birth of your new baby - but what happens when you take baby home?   

All the preparation in pregnancy is aimed towards safe delivery of your baby, but there is
 nothing available to help you prepare for the most important job of your life, that is, being a parent! Well that has changed now with our new course to help you to prepare for that vital role. Our team, led by Niamh Hannan (a registered psychologist) and including our parenting panel and a practicing midwife, has designed this comprehensive course to teach you valuable skills to guide you through parenting your newborn. From the normal anxieties new parents experience in the last months before baby arrives, those first few days and weeks of caring for your newborn right through to parenting for the first twelve months, our course will help you to build your confidence and equip you with practical tips and guidance to help you in your parenting role. 


Fathers are often forgotten in the lead up to delivery, with all the attention on mum-to-be. But fathers have a very important role to play, both during labour and when mum and baby arrive home from hospital, and of course for the rest of their lives. This course pays attention to the anxieties that dads-to-be experience, their questions, their hang-ups and fears - so that expectant fathers leave feeling more confident about their roles and how they can play an active part right from the start.  


This private coaching session which will be made up of practical information and demonstrations on the topics below, as well as time for questions and discussion. DVD material will also be used. Our coach will meet with you privately in your home or in a private meeting room to allow time for you to get what you want from the session.   

Topics will include (but are not limited to):

Bringing baby home from hospital
Those first few days - what to expect
Feeding - breast V bottle - your choice (a frank discussion)
Bathing, changing nappies - the practical stuff
Why is baby crying? What to do…
Communicating with your baby
Some developmental milestones
Sleep - issues as the 1st year progresses
Weaning onto solid foods
Routines & ‘Bad habits’
Bonding & Attachment - how this affects your baby’s confidence and relationships in the future
Parenting styles
The ‘Experts’ & You (what the books say, and how to find your own path through the conflicting advice)
Support systems & useful resources
Your relationship - what to expect and how changes occur when 2 become 3

Our private coaching session is 2 hours and 15 minutes in duration and is presented in your own home. The cost is €200 for one couple, €350 for two couples or €500 for three couples.


To enquire about arranging a private session email us at or call 087 6890582





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Comments from parents to be about coaching:  

Thank you so very much for the class yesterday! You covered everything  I was worried about and I felt relieved that all my concerns had been worked through. I was delighted you covered such a broad range of > topics, from nappy changing to parenting styles and answered all my questions with a non-judgemental approach. I was inspired by your great sense of empathy, humour and warmth and I finished the class excited and confident about being a parent. I would highly recommend this course to any first time parents! Feel free to use this as a testimonial!

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