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Parenting After Separation or Divorce

When parents separate - effect on child


Parenting presents its challenges everyday. How to set rules, manage behaviour and really connect with your child is a lot to take on, especially when you have never been given any training! When parents are living together and working as a team, it can be easier as you can provide backup for each other, discuss problems together and decide on solutions. It’s a tough job for parents but even tougher when you find yourself separated or divorced and trying to handle the everyday parenting challenges effectively.


No matter what happens between parents, whether they split amicably or acrimoniously, they are still parents to their children and must get on with their responsibility of co-parenting in a way that: 


Recognises the issues for the children

Sets out a structure for the children that helps to prevent uncertainty

Protects the feelings and emotions of their children

Helps the children to adjust and settle down with the new family structure

Helps the parents to agree a method of communication that is respectful and considerate of their own & their children’s feelings

Allows the children to love both parents equally and without feeling that they are ‘letting the other parent down’

  Outlines the Do's and Don'ts for creating a peaceful world for your children
   Building an excellent parenting plan
  Key parenting skills to help you to have a positive connection with your child
  Introducing a new partner - when and how & how each parent should deal with this new situation
   New partners - understanding your role and important boundaries
   The future - what needs to be considered, helping your child to be optimistic and more

For the parents, it is also important that they too get help and support following the end of the relationship. This is a very difficult time for your children and for you as you have to adjust to the loss of your relationship, the hurt, disappointment and trauma of your separation. You may also have additional stress around the area of finance and living arrangements.   Experts recognise separation/divorce as a cause of significant stress to all affected. We will help you to learn key skills for parenting and guidelines for communication and co-operation with the children’s other parent (your co-parent). Whether you are the parent that is the primary carer for the child/children or a live-away parent, our course can guide you through key areas. We will also help you to plan for the future and how you will adjust and introduce changes to your children.

We encourage, where possible, both parents to attend. The choice of sitting together or separately is up to you as co-parents but the value of both of you attending the same course will be extremely beneficial to you both and of course, to your children.

The workshop works exceptionally well in that the group are invited to participate and share ideas and experience.  Confidentiality is discussed and agreed at the outset so that participants can feel comfortable with sharing with the rest of the group.  Many parents comment that they particularly enjoyed being with other parents in similar situations as this helps with the feelings that they have suffered of being isolated and having ‘failed’ in their relationship.  The group setting offers tremendous support for all participants. 


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You may wish to avail of a Private Coaching session where you will cover all of the topics of this workshop.  We we can arrange at a date, time and location that suits you and our coach for the private session. You will receive all workshop notes and a certificate of attendance for our private session as you would at a full workshop.  To enquire about a Private Coaching session email   and include your contact number so that we can call you to discuss options and arrange your session.


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