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What parent says about our parenting courses

The following are comments from parents who have attended our previous courses.

For testimonials on the Personal Development for Teenagers course click here. 


 Parenting After Separation or Divorce

100% of attendees said that they would recommend this course and 100% said that they felt the course offered value for money.  

" Many thanks for your help. Was a bit dubious about attending but extremely happy that I did!!! " - 5/2/11
" It made me feel more human that other people share the same problems…Your course was really helpful and I would definitely recommend it." 5/2/11
" Found work sheets particularly useful. Made me think more about my relationship with my daughter and her mother…..Very helpful for the future benefit of my child and feel I have gained great benefit and experience from this course." 5/2/11
"It was particularly useful talking about what the children need and making a plan for the future" 5/2/11
" The visual was particularly useful – two ways to handle a situation with children, the good and the harmful. The feedback from the children going through divorce was also particularly useful." 5/2/11

 " Liked the DVD and audio input. Found the whole presentation very real and practical and safe for participants to share their experiences." 5/2/11

 "I found it all interesting even though I am separated a number years...I really enjoyed the day.  It was great to see and hear from other people in the same boat as myself.  I really enjoyed Martina and the way she could give us examples" - SN 27/3/11

"Really enjoyed the course and will definitely look forward to putting it all into practice" - SK 18/6/11

"Very beneficial to for both parties but obviously that cannot always happen" - AB 18/6/11

"Very positive. Delivery excellent around sensitve subject" - OB 18/6/11

"Friendly & relaxed atmosphere. Learned some great hints. Looking forward to putting them into practice" - GM 18/6/11

"Found the course to be informative and very positive.  It is great to meet people in the same boat and know lots of people are in the same frame of mind and we can share different views." - SO 18/6/11

"Great course - lots of information even on parenting in general" - DS 18/6/11

"It gave me a positive feed back on what I was doing.  Do you know I'm not such a bad parent after all" - NOC 26/6/11

"Excellent course all round. Some areas did not apply to myself just yet but will in the future.  Will definitely be recommending to my friends - and my EX!" - DB 26/6/11

"Very clear and concise courses.  Would have loved to do this before my son found about about the break up" - SK 26/6/11 


 Parenting Age 1 to 6

" This course was very helpful, will recommend it to my friends or whoever needs help. Thanks!"
" Good course, plenty of advice and good to see how others cope with their dilemmas!."
" Great to have a day out to discuss as a couple our problems and solutions."
" Very helpful – great ideas to hopefully improve my parenting skills and family life.
" Very useful/practical information provided, good discussion topics and great interaction between group members."
 " Good discussion. DVDs were good but thought they were more geared towards special needs children. I understand that same principles apply. Good communication and explanation of ideas."

 " Great ideas and tips received, hope to work on these and improve quality of family life."

"Parenting can often be an insular experience leading to much self doubt about your performance. I feel that a course like this gives you a neccessary opportunity to rationally evaluate.  I would recommend that parents take a course such as this on regular intervals, say every 2 years" - PB 27/3/11

"Touched on all relevant areas of concern, feel more self assurred that getting a lot of it right and now need to implement new ideas" - SB 27/3/11

"Course was excellent, very practical & informative with a very useful format of interaction with other parents" - RC 27/3/11

"The exercises were useful for really thinking about your own situation" -GW 27/3/11

"Great, really enjoyed it, learnt a great deal!" - DR 27/3/11


 Parenting Age 6 to 11

" A hard copy of the presentation would be great & Ciara (the presenter) was excellent and I got a lot of information that will help me to be a better parent."

"I got very good ideas re routines and discipline. "

"Problem is not my child - it's me! Hoping for greater family life now."
"I got very good ideas re routines and discipline. "
"I found the course full of very helpful tips and mae me make some very important changes to the parenting of our child. The course gave us the ideas and know how to implement them."
"Excellent Course - excited about applying new rules and routines!"
"I found the course very useful and feel that the principles taught should be relatively easily applied."
"I found the course very enlightening. It has given me the "tools" necessary to overcome issues with the children which we have been struggling with."
"I felt it was very much in touch with reality in family life. Very informative. I would definitely recommend this course, beats any weekend away if you love your children enough."
"I feel good leaving the course and looking forward to this adventure".
"Lots of useful stuff covered. If I can make just one or two things work, our family life will be better and that's worth it."
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course."

"I am very happy because I feel more confident in what I am doing" - CF 12/6/11

"loved the skills and ideas taught.  Very simple and practical ways of dealing with problems that will make for a happier and more peaceful family life" - MD 12/6/11


 Parenting Teenagers

"I found the facilitator to be most informative, friend and helpful giving very useful examples through the course.  She was willing to answer any questions we had." - KP 12/6/11

"I found this course and present excellent. I  feel I have learned new skills to help me as a parent, be more assertive and not to feel overwhelmed at times " - BT 12/6/11

"I enjoyed the day, taking time out to think about how you are parenting and how you can improve your parenting skills.  I enjoyed the openess with the group which helped each of us" - ML 12/6/11

"Very informative. I've learne the importance of negotiation with teens in respect of consequences which will help to instill better behaviour (I hope!)" AS- 12/6/11


 Parenting Age 4 to 11 Course - 7th November 09

"Very Good Course. Clarified a lot of things I felt unsure about. Feel more confident going ahead now."
"Excellent Course - really enjoyed the day."
"The course offered practical advice, structured solutions and encouraged parents to reflect and improve their most important role."
"A most valuable course. It helped me to understand how to manage discipline in a simple non agressive way. I would recommend this course to every parent. Good Reassurance."
"Excellent course, great insight into how to deal with day to day issues with children."
"Course material presented in a practical yet humorous way. Offers hope, support and an opportunity to think about your parenting skills."
"Really enjoyed the course. I feel I am taking home some excellent tools to help create a happier child and home environment."
"I feel I have learned a lot today. The importance of rules, getting the balance right, using consequences to deal with misbehaviour."
"The course gave me confidence in my ability to parent."

 Teen Parenting Course - 17th October 09

"I think every parent with a child in secondary schools should attend this course. If all parents of teenagers had a similar approach to teen problem solving then it would be easier for all."
"I found the course very helpful. It covered a lot of issues. It was also a very good group. You're not alone raising a teenager. Great Experience."
"Excellent practical information offered - interaction was encouraged which made the day enjoyable. Also good to talk and listen to other parents. Would definitely recommend this programme."
"Very good course - good sound principles, well illustrated."
"I attended as a secondary teacher and parent and could identify with all parents. This course should give parents more confidence in parenting and strategies. So many parents are feeling helpless and they should communicate with the school at all times."
"I feel prepared for the future after attending this course."
"I found this course very interesting and informative."
"Very useful, practical and informative. Some core principles that sound like they will work. Looking forward to trying to apply them!"
"Encouraging and supportive process."

 Age 1 to 11 Parenting Course - April/May 09

"Very useful course. Not just for parenting but for life! Important to develop self awareness and putting yourself in others shoes (ie your child's)"
"Think you know it all? - This course will open your eyes!"
"Over the last two weeks, I have worked on what I now know on how to keep calm with my son and to have a better relationship with him and it is all working so far."
"The course opens your eyes on how to deal with situations before they get out of hand."
"The course will assist and guide you to become a better  parent. You will learn new skills and techniques in how to deal with the everyday problems and issues children have as they grow up." 
"You can never learn to much about being a parent. It is great to get feedback from other parents also. I have noticed not only my own confidence grow, but my daughter's as well. Thank You!"
"Good to take dedicated time to think, learn and share parenting problems and solutions. If you got a puppy, you'd buy a book!"
"Course was very practical. Lots of group interation, listening to how other parents deal with problems. This was all useful."
"It gives parents tools for life on how to deal with conflict and make progress in your relationships with your children for a happier home."

 Teen Parenting Course - January 09

"The course was informative and conducted in an easy learning style, it gave me good tips/skills to help me parent."

"Having learnt so much and seeing how our family has changed in two weeks, I would want others to experience the joy of being a happy and positive parent with happy positive children."
"Reassuring to hear that other parents are having the same conflicts. Good advice on how to teach teens responsibility and affect their behaviour in a positive way."
"An excellent course. Very well presented and organised. The course structure and content was excellent. Practical yet with a very helpful framework underlying the various topics which parents can take away and use again and again."
"Helped me to realise that my tone/attitude dictate outcome of all situations. Pressing pause button and stepping back and listening, benefits all the family. I think Teen Parenting Courses should be compulsory to all. I have the necessary tools to make my family a happier/contented one but this course has shown me how to use them to the best effect."
"Speaker John was excellent. Delivery fantastic, non-judgemental, funny."
"Enormous benefit/investment in life. Great to hear others and learn skills to deal with situations."
"Positive tools learnt help us to be better parents to our children."
"Course helped me greatly. Firstly to understand that as a family we are not doing too much wrong, almost every family goes through the same issues. It taught me to "PAUSE", reflect and construct positive,constructive feedback to the girls rather than flying off the handle as a result of losing control of the situation."
"This course has helped me realise mistakes I was making as a parent and help me set an easier and productive path."
"Clarity of explanations given by the presenter were very real and extremely helpful. Great understanding of real issues."
"I would recommend this course as it empowers you to go home and TRY out new ways of being a parent."
"Parenting is a skill which needs to be learned and that is what this course is about."
"Meeting other parents with similar problems and realising you are not the only one. Rebuilding my confidence, that it's not my fault things are not going well."

 Age 1 to 6 & 6 to 11 Courses - November 08:

"I didn't feel I was being "judged". Very relaxed environment and felt that every one is in the same boat".
"The course teaches you how to be a better parent, looking at all your options before following through. Talking to other parents, I learned so much and also to be calmer."
"It was relaxed, personal and had no pressure to speak about personal experience if you didn't want to. Just talking to others in the same situation makes me realise my kids are not an exception".
"It's amazing to see the difference that little changes can make in a family and especially when the parent changes their ways and implements the positivity that this course encourages. It all just makes sense and is "real" and very "do-able"
"It is extremely positive, simple and easy to reflect situations and issues in one's everyday life. I would definately recommend this course"
"Learning little things can make a difference to how difficult times can be dealt with better or avoided."
"It has given me some structure and methods to deal with my child when he is not behaving."
"I think this course has been extremely worthwhile and will have real benefits to myself and my family. The ideas presented were backed up with practical examples making it "real".
"When individual parents highlight specific problems/issues with their kids, learning how they should be dealt with is beneficial to the whole group. I enjoyed watching the DVD highlights and ways to deal with the issues. A wonderful experience that will help me improve my parenting skills."
"The course is excellent. It has helped me to take control of my reactions, take the emotion out and be with my children as I am with others."
"I found it very helpful to listen to others and also go through steps of what to do, how to react etc. Think overall I have learnt a lot of new skills and tactics that will benefit me for years to come - a great course." 
"It was good to hear others in the same position. Makes you re-think your steps. Material was very good too."
"Very Interesting delivery with really good sound advice that works."



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