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  • The HelpMeTo Parent parenting courses & programmes are tried and tested and have received the seal of approval from the hundreds of families we have worked with over the years. You will learn skills to teach your child/teen responsibility, learn to keep rules, manage misbehaviour & build self esteem. These programmes have been shown to reduce childhood behaviour problems and parental stress.
  • Our programme will provide parents with practical skills and techniques to help themselves and their children cope with anxiety and pressures in a supportive and simple way.
  • Help Me To about us page. Information on our directors and some background into how we set this company up to deliver parenting courses in Ireland.
  • programmes and courses on parenting children and teenagers.
  • Parenting courses for parents of children aged 4 to 11. Building your child's self esteem. Managing misbehaviour and discipline.Helping your child reach their full potential at school.
  • Our Positive Parenting Programme aims to offer parents practical ways of dealing with their children and techniques to make life at home better for everyone. Parents can take home these techniques from day 1 and begin making changes straight away.
  • Teenage parenting course helps you to get to know and connect with your teenager. Communicate effectively. Negotiate rules and boundaries. Teach teens responsibility. Managing conflict.
  • This course teaches the brain effective skills to overcome the symptoms of learning difficulties. It is a different approach to improving spelling and reading and it dramatically reduces the challenges of Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and Dispraxia.
  • This one day programme for adults & children (Primary & Post Primary programmes available) provides a practical toolkit on recognising, managing and positively dealing with the everyday stresses experienced by parents and children.
  • This one day programme for young people to help focus on supporting their exam preparation.
  • This one day programme for adults to create healthy and nutritious meals for all the family.
  • A programme for parents to help with their children’s anxiety.
  • We have created this 1 day course to provide parents and kids with practical techniques to help keep safe in a positive way.
  • This teen self esteem course will help teenagers to gain a better understanding of themselves; learn how to feel better about being you and feel good in your own skin. This allows them to feel more confident and happier in general. Great for building Self Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness.
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  • articles on bullying. How parents can help their child cope
  • articles on Children's Health Issues
  • articles on coping with a new baby
  • articles on parenting toddlers
  • articles on parenting younger children
  • articles on parenting children aged 9 to 12
  • Puberty is the biggest growth spurt that your child will go through since their infant years. The age that puberty starts varies greatly between children and starts much earlier for girls than boys. On average the physical changes of puberty can start between 8 and 13 for girls and 10 and 15 for boys.
  • articles on parenting teens/teenagers
  • articles on the parent and child relationship
  • articles relating to your children's Mental Health
  • articles on Home Help with Babies.
  • articles on Home Help with Babies.
  • articles relating to your children's Education
  • podcasts
  • Contact details for Help Me To Parent Ltd. email address, telephone number etc. We are a parenting course provider for parents of young children and teenagers.
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  • Teenagers, learn about, how your mind works (something they don’t teach you at school), How your thinking can influence your feelings, how your feelings can shape your behaviour & how to generally feel good about yourself.
  • Parenting programmes aimed at parents of children aged 1 to teenagers. Learn skills to enhance your parenting. Manage misbehaviour, build self esteem, teach children responsibility, help children to succeed at school.
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  • Private parent coaching is available where the parent coach will meet with you and/or your co-parent to take you through the parenting workshop appropriate to your needs and discuss and help you to plan your parenting goals. We discuss issues with your children and how to parent effectively. All of our courses are available through private coaching including age 1 to 6, age 6 to 11, teenagers and parenting after separation or divorce. Our coach will also mix the relevant workshops to ensure all of your needs are met.
  • Testimonials from parenting course participants. The skills learned on the parenting courses enabled these parents to manage their children/teens in a more positive way.
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  • Help Me To Parent Ltd offer parenting courses to parents of children from 1 to teens. These courses teach parents the skills they need to cope with everyday parenting issues such as sibling rivalry, discipline, managing behaviour etc. Our courses are facilitated by Dr. John Sharry or a member of his team. Based on the Parents Plus programmes, these courses have been shown to reduce parental stress and childhood behaviour problems.