About Our Team

Help Me To Parent opened its doors to parents in 2007, to great success. Through constant research and development, our programmes have consistently stayed ahead of the curve in providing practical, dynamic and ultimately, easy-to-use content, that parents can put in place as soon as they get home.

With over one hundred years combined experience in providing support to individuals and families, the Help Me To Parent team have a wealth of experience to meet any needs that parents, children or soon-to-be parents have.

Our extensive portfolio of programmes and courses are tried and tested and have received the seal of approval from the hundreds of families we have worked with over the years.



Allen O'Donoghue

Allen is an LBCAI accredited professional coach, trainer and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in youth and family development. With qualifications in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Social Science and Logosynthesis, Allen’s specialist knowledge and understanding of family dynamics has supported hundreds of young people and adults in setting and achieving their personal goals.

This experience has brought Allen to become a highly regarded speaker on family coaching, appearing regularly on radio and television and presenting at international events.


Mary O'Donoghue

Mary has over thirty years experience in coaching, training, supervision and counselling and psychotherapy and is a world leading master practitioner and trainer in Logosynthesis.  She is a Master Coach practitioner with Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and has nearly forty years career experience in business, finance and training.

Mary has been designing and delivering programmes to professionals across the globe for nearly 20 year and has built up an extensive private counselling and therapeutic practise. Mary is also accredited by NAPCP, Supervisors Association of Ireland and European Association of Supervisors and Coaches and Logosynthesis International Association.

Consulting Team


Lisa Fannin

Lisa is an iPEC certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and is working toward becoming a Logosynthesis practitioner.  Lisa is based in the Boulder, Colorado, USA, area.

With a background in leadership and technology, prior to becoming a coach, Lisa had 20+ years as a senior leader in technology and product development. As a coach, Lisa is passionate about working with parents to help them find their balance with family life and career, educating families on technology and how to manage with their children, and teaching leadership skills at all ages.

Lisa speaks on the topics of leadership development, online safety with your kids in the school and home environments, as well as how to manage technology within the family.


Denise O'Donoghue

A passion for good food, coupled with a deep belief in its power as a method for restoring and preserving health, is my daily inspiration at FooDee.

I am a qualified Nutrition & Health Coaching (BTEC Adv Diploma) and final year Nutritional Therapy student with the IINH, awarding body Crossfields Institute plus a member
of NTOI.

Nutrition& Health Coach bridges the gap between possessing information and doing…

I offer One-to-one coaching, 4 weeks Nutrition Programmes and workshops/talks. In my one-to-ones I think outside the box offering advice in unconventional ways. I do things like cupboard cleanse, walk and talk, shopping experience and practical recipes. My recommendations are based on the individual, matching expectation and goals with ability to achieve.

My food philosophy is straightforward – eat a variety of SIMPLE, REAL, WHOLEFOODS. Food should be celebrated and I encourage people to enjoyeating without a sense of loss or deprivation, and to appreciate the true tastes of good food. My rounded philosophy borrows from many disciplines including mental wellbeing, sports and exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and self-care.

Hazel Profile

Hazel Cazzini

Hazel is a registered Midwife – qualified since 1996.  She has worked in all areas of maternity care, and  has cared for many women during their pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Hazel currently works in the Antenatal area in of a Leading Maternity Hospital in Dublin.

Hazel has been involved in Antenatal education for several years and set up   the “complete one-day antenatal class” in January 2004. In 2009  she qualified as a pregnancy yoga instructor and  believes that this training  benefits  pregnant women attending her courses. Hazel is also the proud mother of two young children!

Hazel  believes in continued personal and professional development and attends workshops on the subject of antenatal education on a regular basis. These courses have been run by experts in Antenatal Education  such as Andrea Roberton and Judith Schott.