A Mothers Intuition…Its’ so important to listen to your inner guiding force.


Sarah called me one day quite worried over her little 5 month old baby girl, Kate was unable to pass more than a few pebble like bowel movements. Kate had been brought to the doctor as a very young baby when Sarah highlighted the fact that’s Kate’s stools were rock hard, dark green and were never more that a few pellet like droppings.

Sarah knew this was not normal, the doctor recommended laxatives. They did not work and a few weeks later Kate was put on an increased dose of laxatives. Sarah was horrified that her little baby girl was prescribed laxatives in the first place never mind an increased dosage, which also did not work!! Sarah felt intuitively there had to be another way so she called me and asked would there be anything I could do?

Needless to say I said yes as I had treated many babies and young children in the past with similar problems. When I first looked at Kate her whole system was completely out of balance and I put her on a different feed formula as at this stage her bowels were barely moving at all, we had to get movement there immediately. Upon further testing and investigation Cranial faults showed up which were the key to Kate’s problems.

Our skull is made up of flat like plates called cranial bones, between each plate is a hairline space which allows for perfect movement as they are designed to do. Kate had a normal birth although forceps were used forcefully towards the end of the birth. Sarah said the marks on Kates face lasted for up to two weeks. I asked Sarah to bring some of the photos with her for the next visit. Basically what was going on for Kate was cranial pressure caused by the forceps was   jamming several of the plates together. Each plate and part of the cranial represents different parts of the body. Her jaw was completely misaligned which in turn affected the rotation of her pelvis. As the pelvis is the cradle of many organs and vital parts, the gut or large intestine was misaligned and therefore a proper bowel movement could not be performed.

Kate is now passing anything from 2-3 stools per day, the stools are a normal brown colour and are soft and easily passed, Kate is thriving and is in fantastic form. If you are suffering from headaches or just not feeling quite right it can very well be due to cranial faults from birth or some other accident ( which you may not even remember) or if your child is suffering from something like Kate, skin problems, lower joint problems, jaw problem and several other symptoms can be rooted in cranial misalignments. Kinesiology can very effectively and gently treat such conditions and bring the whole body back into balance.

I firmly believe we all have to listen to our guts more..what does your gut tell you? What is your intuition about some problem you have or something one of your children have? I am so glad for Kate that Sarah listened to her intuition and sought alternative help for Kate.

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