Online School

We’re delighted to bring you our new Online School! We have a number of courses and mini-courses which you can do in your own time! Focused on practical techniques that you can put in place from the moment you start to make life that bit better for everyone at home.

We will be adding more and more mini and long form courses over the next number of months, so why not tip over and delve in.


Course Offerings


Positive Parenting Skills Programme

Our Positive Parenting Skills Programme aims to offer parents practical ways of dealing with their children and techniques to make life at home better for everyone. Parents can start practicing these techniques from day 1 and begin making changes straight away. Our 6 session programme is focused on Improving Communication, Dealing with Conflict and Setting Realistic Boundaries.


Parenting In a Pandemic

We have all been trying to find different ways to manage life as we know it since coronavirus took over the world. At times we have done really well, other times we have struggled and pretty much everyone has found it tough.

We created this mini course to give you some simple, practical tips on how you can manage your own stress levels, while still putting boundaries in place for your children and supporting them to deal with the changes they face on a daily basis.


Parents Self Care Course

Stay tuned, more info on this mini-course coming soon!

Registration includes monthly video topics from one of our instructors. For more information, visit our Teachable site, HERE.