10 Step Resilience Programme

Level 1 - Webinar

A recent study by the National Office of Suicide Prevention in Ireland, outlined that approximately 20% of young Irish people show symptoms of health problems of which depression is the most concerning given the strong link with suicide. In light of the extensive research carried out over a number of years, it has been proven that, in many young people today, there are growing social pressures forced upon them in our society. In fact Ireland has statistically the fourth highest rate of suicide amongst EU countries in the 15-24 year old category, (National Office of Suicide Prevention, NSOP, (2010)). This trend can be seen across many Western countries.

At Even Mind, we have designed a programme specifically for young people and parents, to address their personal issues by building resilience and provide participants with the necessary coping mechanisms to identify and manage stress in a natural and healthy way.

The programme with its 10 Step Action Plan in conjunction with Dr Ginsberg of the American Academy of Pediatrics has created a way for our young people to manage stress effectively. The Level 1 Programme consists of a 2 hour workshop and booklet that aims to empower young people to manage these problems and allow them control their own future by becoming healthy, productive and rounded adults.

This 10 Step Action Plan covers the following areas,

  • Tackling the problem. 
  • Taking care of the body. 
  • Dealing with emotions. 
  • Making the world a better place.

The programme package includes,

  • Two hour webinar outlining the 10 Step Action Plan. 
  • Provide participants a detailed, step by step practical workbook.  
  • Participant Q & A during the webinar.