Parenting Ages 1-5

Our Parenting Programme aims to offer parents practical ways of dealing with their children and techniques to make life at home better for everyone. Parents can take home these techniques from day 1 and begin making changes straight away.

The course draws on well researched ideas about child development and parent-child communication and is ideal for parents who want to maximise their children’s learning, language and social development, as well as reduce behaviour problems, while ensuring their children grow up happy and emotionally secure.

For details about our General Parenting course, click here.

This course is also suitable for those working with children or considering adoption or fostering.

This course will help parents with,

  • Understanding Your Toddler
  • The Power of Play and Encouragement
  • Promoting Your Child’s Language and Development
  • Helping Your Child Concentrate and Learn
  • Managing Tantrums, Misbehaviour and Problems

All courses are presented by a qualified facilitator.

If the date and time of this workshop are not suitable for you, you may wish to avail of a Private Coaching session.  You will cover all of the topics in our Private Coaching session which we can arrange at a date, time and location that suits you and our coach.  You will receive full workshop notes and a certificate of attendance for our private session as you would at a full workshop. 
To enquire about a Private Coaching session email  and include your contact number so that we can call you to discuss options and arrange your session.


“I found the course extremely helpful and very informative. I feel a lot more confident as a parent.”

“Very enjoyable course. Identified easy solutions to improving communication within the family.”

“Came away with renewed energy and focus. My ultimate goal is for happy kids. What I do now will affect my relationship with my children in the future.”

“Really liked focus on solving real day to day problems.”

“Feel quite excited about putting the skills into practice. Relieved that others had the same issues as me, I’m not a bad parent, I just need to use a different more positive approach.”

“The course was fantastic! Looking forward to implementing the advice.”

“Excellent course – very good for dealing with behavioural issues.”

“Practical, honest, humorous, optimistic. The course emphasised fairness in a family.”

“Enjoyable and entertaining! Practical, real life scenarios covered. Clear plan for how to be better immediately.”

“Great course, very worthwhile. Learnt lots of practical tools that will be very helpful. She was a great presenter. Enjoyed it immensely, would definitely recommend to others.”

“I found the course really informative. I’ve read the books but reading it and seeing it in action is so much clearer.“

“Very useful to become aware of some simple but effective techniques, which while very logical are not always used in practice. Good to see that others were experiencing the same issues.”