Parenting Ages 6-12

Our Parenting Programme aims to offer parents practical ways of dealing with their children and techniques to make life at home better for everyone. Parents can take home these techniques from day 1 and begin making changes straight away.

The course draws on well researched ideas on parent/child communication and behaviour management. It is also suitable for those working with children or considering adoption or fostering.

For full details about our General Parenting course, Click HERE. 

This course will help parents with,

  • Solving Parenting Problems in a Positive Way the Helps Your Child Learn
  • Manage Difficult Behaviour and Discipline Problems
  • Help Your Child to be More Co-operative and Learn to Keep Rules
  • Build Your Child’s Self Esteem and Help Them Feel Emotionally Secure
  • Help Your Child to Learn and Reach their Full Potential at School

You may wish to avail of a Private Coaching session where you will cover all of the topics of this workshop.  We we can arrange at a date, time and location that suits you and our coach for the private session. You will receive all workshop notes and a certificate of attendance for our private session as you would at a full workshop.  To enquire about a Private Coaching session email and include your contact number so that we can call you to discuss options and arrange your session.


“I felt it was very much in touch with reality in family life. Very informative. I would definitely recommend this course, beats any weekend away if you love your children enough.”

“Problem is not my child – it’s me! Hoping for greater family life now.”

“I found the course full of very helpful tips and mae me make some very important changes to the parenting of our child. The course gave us the ideas and know how to implement them.”

“The course teaches you how to be a better parent, looking at all your options before following through. Talking to other parents, I learned so much and also to be calmer.”

“Very insightful & practical. I feel I can implement many of the principles that can make an immediate difference.”

“Lots of useful stuff covered. If I can make just one or two things work, our family life will be better and that’s worth it.”

“Excellent Course – excited about applying new rules and routines!”