General Parenting Programme

Our General Parenting Skills programme aims to offer parents practical ways of dealing with their children and techniques to make life at home better for everyone. Parents can take home these techniques from day 1 and begin making changes straight away. The programme focuses on three core elements: Communication, Dealing with Conflict & Importance of Setting Boundaries for Children.

By carrying out a needs analysis with participants at the outset, we will examine what the main issues are for parents when dealing with their children and then tailor sessions to meet these needs while maintaining programme integrity. As part of the programme we can also provide parents with the skills to run a structured peer-support session on a weekly basis (please request this element prior to the commencement of the programme).

Three core elements of the programme are,

  •  Communication
  •  Dealing with Conflict
  • Boundaries and Your Children



Communication is the most important element in any relationship. Participants will focus on the importance of understanding body language, how to stop the argument before it starts, using positive language and how to listen effectively. We will also look at how parents can talk to their children and how creating a culture of openness can go a long way to building trust.

Dealing with Conflict

Dealing with conflict is a normal part of every day life. Participants will learn that in many cases, conflict can be avoided. Parents will understand and recognise the stages of conflict and how, by changing their reaction to an issue, they can stop conflict before it starts.

Boundaries & Your Children

A parent’s job is to give your child structure and boundaries. As much as children may fight against boundaries, it is these boundaries that show them that they are loved and respected and will ultimately help them to feel safe and supported. We will look at how parents can set healthy boundaries and how they can apply consequences in a responsible manner.

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