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Would you like your teenager to learn valuable life skills that will help them achieve their full potential?

Our personal development for teenagers course will help your teen to:

Understand The Power Of Their Thoughts
Improve Confidence
Learn to be Assertive
Discover Self Appreciation
Practice Self Talk & Self Belief Techniques

The teenage years can be turbulent ones, full of self doubt and angst at the outside world. We are all bombarded these days with images of the rich and famous with perfect faces, figures, hair and lives. Teenagers are constantly under pressure to have a perfect body, wear the ‘right’ clothes, to ‘fit in’ and to be socially accepted by their peers. Add to that the day to day pressures of school and exams as well as the physical and emotional changes they are going through and we can see that the teenage years can be very difficult.

Learning to be assertive and to believe in themselves will help teenagers enormously with the challenges they face. Discovering how their thoughts affect the way they act and how they can change that, will greatly improve their “sense of self”– that is what our course is all about.

We are offering a one day workshop for teenagers of all ages where we will explore, with the group, issues and concerns surrounding self-confidence and self esteem. We will teach your teenager techniques (through instruction, guided discussions and exercises) to help them be successful in life and achieve the best they can. Your teenager will gain a valuable insight into self appreciation, self talk and self belief which will stay with them for years to come. They will also take home a pack, specifically designed for our workshop, to remind them of the techniques and exercises they have learnt. We will also encourage them to use our forum to discuss issues with other teenagers so that they have somewhere to get support and advice on any subjects they wish to discuss.

This workshop will be a vital step in building your teenager’s future. Delivered in a very relaxed style of presentation there is no pressure on the teenager to talk if they don’t want to. The aim of our workshop is to provide valuable information and support and also to ensure that the teenagers enjoy the day and have a bit of fun in the process.

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