Working From Home With Kids Running Around

This is an unprecedented time for everyone and none of us know how long this may take to return to some form of normality. Circumstances are changing by the day and we all need to be as flexible as possible. One of the biggest difficulties for working parents is how to get some sort of structure to allow them to work from home successfully, while at the same time, making sure our kids are entertained and kept busy.

In this course, we will outline how to get the most effective plan together to work for your family and a sack full of practical activities that can help to help keep your children occupied for as long as this takes to settle down.

This programme covers,

  • Setting up a winning structure for everyone
  • How to set up boundaries and make them work
  • Activities to keep you and your kids engaged
  • Activities just for your kids
  • Q & A for participants

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“Genuine Honest advice that a normal working parent could understand and felt they are understood.”

“The information was practical & straightforward.”

“I really liked the practical ideas and suggestions we were given to use with our kids and help deal with the quarantine. I also liked that Allen was able to address all our questions and that we were able to contribute to the conversation with our experiences.”