About Our Services

Course Providers

We provide a wide variety of different courses to cater for any family’s needs. These range from 1 day courses to 6 session programmes. Each programme comes with a full handout booklet and Certificate of Participation.


See below for more information about our course options,

Private Courses

For some of our participants, they feel more comfortable discussing and working one to one, so we have made all our courses available on a private basis. Each private course is built specifically around your needs and delivered at a time that works for you. Just email for more details. Click HERE to learn more about private coaching and courses.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes we all need a bit of ongoing support and to have that person we can check in with on a weekly basis. All of our team are highly trained and skilled in providing this individual coaching at an affordable rate. When do we ever get to talk about what’s going on for us without feeling guilty about it? Well this is the chance to do that and sort things out in your head, in your own time. Click HERE to learn more about individual coaching.

Speaking Engagements

CoachingOver the years, our team members have become some of the most highly regarded authorities in their particular fields, which has brought many television, radio and international speaking engagements. If you are looking for experienced, knowledgeable keynote speakers, just get in touch and we can make it happen. Click HERE to learn more about speaking engagements for schools, community groups and more.


We completely understand that not every parent is in a position to attend one of our courses but still needs some support or advice so we have created a suite of parenting podcasts and YouTube videos that are uploaded on a weekly basis to our channels. Check out the links in our Media section for free, unlimited access.